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Actions speak louder than words, especially when you are in a position of authority. Tim, Superman, Connor & Triforce all try every day to not only work hard, but live up to expectations that they set for their students. Heck, they have even more pressure on them since so many people are skeptical of online traders even though we work hard day in and day out to be the most transparent traders out there (hence posting every trade on Profit.ly). If all of a sudden they were losing a ton of money, or Tim wasn’t following his rules such as cutting losses quickly, people would start to question them and lose that sense of trust. That’s a problem.

Think of it this way as well: if your boss told you not to talk poorly of your colleagues but then went ahead and talked down several coworkers themselves, you would question them and lose a sense of respect. Questions arise such as: how sincere are they, are they being honest with me, why are they not living up to the standards that they have set for me, etc. If you yourself are in a leadership position, you need to realize that if you are setting a high expectation for someone else, you should also be prepared to live up to it yourself. So, here is a great post from Inc.com on why the best leaders live up to the values that they set for others. One of the quotes in the following article really stands out: “If you don’t value your own values no one else will.” Case.and.point. Read on:

6 Reasons Great Leaders Live Their Values

Values are easy to talk about but tough to live day in and day out. These poignant reasons to live your values are sure to help you walk your talk.

If you don’t value your own values no one else will. So, as you are faced with decisions, use your values to help determine what to do. Making values-based decisions sends a strong message about the importance of your values and the integrity of your leadership.

Take the time to communicate your values, allow your team to personalize them, and, most important, live them. Taking these steps will ignite your team’s passion, resulting in a willingness to go the extra mile and act like owners of the business.

leader footsteps

Since leadership is an inside job, you must lead from the inside out. Living your values starts with you. Here are six compelling reasons you need to live your values if you want others to follow.

  1. A value is an implied promise. When you break a promise, more than a promise gets broken.
  2. You earn the right to expect others to do things by doing those things yourself.
  3. You judge yourself by your intentions by others judge you by your actions.
  4. Words to live by are just words unless you live by them. You have to walk the talk.
  5. People hear what you say, but they also see what you do. And seeing is believing.
  6. If your values are important enough to express they are important enough to live by.

Build a strong future for your team by living your values today.