Top Winners On

Apr 14, 2015   //   by Profitly   //   Leaderboards, Profitly  //  Comments Off on Top Winners On

It’s still relatively early in 2015, but we wanted to do a post with the top 10 verified winners so far along with their two biggest trades in 2015. It will be interesting to see if they can keep this going for the rest of the year! They’re all on track for great returns.

Superman comes in at number 1 with $604K in profits.

Number two is Warrior People with $358K in profits.

Bull Zone Team is number three with $259K in profits.

Kroyrunner is fourth with $194K in profits.

Jaime is five with $166K.

DerrickJL is sixth with $150K in profits.

Gakfamily2004 gets the number seven spots at $123K.

CCAPz is eighth with $79K.

The Klar Advantage is ninth with $63K.

And rounding out the top ten is Tom Fisher with $61K.