The New DVD That Is The Best Trading Investment You’ll Ever Make

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The reviews are in for InvestorsLive’s new Textbook Trading DVD, and they are amazing. Students and other customers are thrilled with this service. People are learning and making money by investing in themselves and all of us at Profitly could not be happier! Here are just a few of the most recent reviews posted on Investimonials.

“Everyone needs to start off with this as your foundation! I was honestly a bit skeptical to buy this since there are so many people out there to lure you in and give you a crap product. I saw many people mention this all over and finally decided to pull the trigger. I was in for a nice surprise, it was very well put together, the slides were not over bearing and Nate goes into great depth to get his point across without losing you in the process. I probably gone over the entire DVD 3 times since I got it 3 weeks ago and I am still picking up little tid-bits here and there each time. Since I have implemented Nate’s strategy along with his chatroom, I am finally in the green again versus blindly following ahem…the Wolf like a sheep and end up losing my entire account. This is also typed after a whole lot of caffeine after a day of dealing with $DRL and $ICLD. Thanks again Nate, I can’t wait for your next DVD to come!”

“Best Trading Investment I Have Ever Made! I’ve been trading stocks and options part-time for almost 5 years and, honestly, I’ve blown a lot of money in “market tuition” trying to learn on my own. I made lots of progress just by researching online and practicing, but my consistency was lacking and losses continued to outweigh my gains. I started following Nate about two years ago and his consistency seemed unreal to me. After seeing Nate continuously nail trades, some of which he called out live on Twitter, I decided to reach out to him to ask for advice. Nate strongly recommended this DVD and I’m extremely grateful that he did. This DVD has connected the dots for me and brought my trading to an entirely new level. The textbook patterns and risk management strategies explained by Nate in-depth have been key to my consistency dramatically improving. I was so impressed, I am now a proud Investors Underground subscriber and I can’t imagine a better mentor than Nate. If you want to LEARN to be a successful independent trader, and not just follow someone’s alerts, this DVD is essential. The knowledge and experience packed into this DVD is priceless and it literally paid for itself within my first week of applying what I learned.”

“Do Not Make Another Trade Until You Watch the DVD

3 reasons you should watch this DVD from a rookie trader.


-Bottom line is..we ALL value money and money is time. The 8 hours of DVD is worth every hour, minute, second, millisecond, etc. None of us can buy back time, but we can make wise decisions on how we spend our time. If you have a full time job like myself, you want to make effort to be efficient with your time. Trading stock is making most of the opportunity and Nate Michaud doesn’t mess around and give you EVERYTHING you need to be successful.


The guy has been doing this for over a decade. He has found success, bc he’s also made some mistakes along the way. He’s transparent with his mistakes and for that reason the DVD becomes more real. You’re not always going to hit home runs trading and he teaches you how to minimize risks.


I made my money back from the DVD purchase in the first month. INVEST IN YOURSELF!!! Along with the DVD I have also subscribed to the Investors Underground Live Chat. Simply, watching and learning from the experienced traders have given me success.

Lastly, I want to ask you a question…”How bad do you want it?” I have found that the most successful traders in the Investors Underground Chat are individuals who are prepared and diligent to position themselves to be successful. Pablo Picasso said, ‘Our goal can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.’”

“This is a must have DVD. This DVD is absolutely essential to expedite any beginner trader’s learning curve. Nate does a really good job of breaking everything down into the most simple form. He starts out with his story, then terminology, charting, types of buy patterns, types of short patterns, OTC, what brokers work with these strategies, and goals.

Some of the major highlights:

– No fluff or BS

– $100 trick. This dramatically changed the way I trade.

– Pattern recognition that is easy to understand for BOTH long and short traders.

– Most importantly a separate chapter for OTCs.

– Informs us of his mistakes, so you can learn from them to evaluate good risk reward. (I’ll take a parking ticket any day!) Watch the video to understand that line.

-Most importantly, stay humble, the market aways wins…

Honestly, this DVD is UNDERVALUED. Get it while you can. I fully recommend this DVD.”

“A Must Have! Nathans Textbook Trading DVD is for sure the best made DVD which I purchased so far. I can really highly recommend the DVD. If you want to go for his Investor Underground Trading Room the DVD is a MUST HAVE! The DVD is full packed with information, Nathan speak quite fast and he don`t repeat his information 10 times like others to extend the video hours! (which is very important for me otherwise I get sleepy!) If somebody think the DVD Price is high, fine, but if you start to build a house you need also tools, good tools, otherwise you will fail. The DVD is just a tool, don`t think you know how to trade because you watched the DVD 1 time on Sunday afternoon.

The DVD is so full packed with information that you will need a couple of days to watch and understand it. The DVD is managed in chapters this makes it much more comfortable. First you think it`s too much information but when you start to trade with the Textbook Trading strategy you will wish the DVD is packed with much more hours on Bonus material. I would not recommend the DVD for complete fresh People who don`t know the Basics about candle charts. Nathan don`t explain all the Basic stuff and that`s good so. I study trading/ daytrading since 2008 and purchased plenty books and DVD`s about trading but like I wrote above, Nathans Textbook Trading DVD is for sure one of the best DVD`s which I purchased.”

“Essential Guide to Understanding Risk v. Reward My honest opinion of InvestorsLive’s DVD is that is Superb! I think if one systematically implements the DVD’s principles without emotionally deviating from them, that person will make money, consistently, As InvestorsLive says, it is not about being right all the time, but managing your risk on the long and short side of trades. This DVD shows a systematic guide to risk management by evaluating trade setups and understanding optimal trade entries and exits based on technical analysis and importantly, human psychology.”

“Wicked Awesome Education, Incredible!! This is by far the best investment I have made in order to prepare myself to become a full time trader. Nate literally shows you how and what computer to buy and set up to having a plan for your career as a trader. My kids are learning there ABC’s in school as well as in this course he breaks it down that simple. Incredible education !! There’s no better feeling in having someone teach you something prior to watching it happen after he explains what will happen. I have had some great trades due to this course.”

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