Weekly Roundup May 12-16

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It’s that time of the week again! Here is your weekly roundup of our guru’s biggest trades. Learn from them!

First we have a some great trades by Tim. Let’s start off with a $2,185 profit on SUMR. Tim bought 21,200 shares of this stock on the 14th at $2.33 and sold them the same day at $2.44. Entry comments: Buying on the dip, right near multi-month support at 2.30…maybe this doesn’t get to 3 today or tomorrow, but I’d love to see the 2.60s or 2.70s, less risk now given the drop, better price. Exit comments: Nice bounce to the low 2.50s now, played it a bit too safe, but as the earlier drop proved, I can’t trust this stock too much to make any truly huge moves…potential re-buy if it can hold 2.30 support all day for better move later probably morning spike tomorrow.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.48.14 AM

Then we have a $1,220 profit on SUMR again. He rebought it (like he said he might in his above comments) at $2.48, this time with a position size of 15,000. He sold them later that day at $2.56. Entry comments: Similar earnings winner to STKL, but lower priced, mroe volatile, breakout was 2.30 so I’m paying 20 cents/share extra but given low marketcap and story I think this could spike to 3ish today or tomorrow. Exit comments: Another earnings winner I thought would run but no dice…to be fair I missed the ideal technical breakout on both SUMR and STKL, I just thought they could each really run…good lesson to be more conservative.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.48.24 AM

Guess what, he played that stock again! This time it was for a $3,662 profit. He bought 40,000 shares at $2.73 and sold them at $2.82. This was again on the 14th. Entry comments: Rebuying on this intraday breakout, strong price action reconfirms my earlier thesis that this can hit $3, ideally tomorrow in a morning spike so I can hold overnight and sell in the low $3s but if it touches today I might have to take profits, we’ll see over the next hour, for now the trend is amazing so I must participate as this likely breaks to new day highs above 2.78 and then we can get real spiking. Exit comments: I wish this would stop breaking out and just uptrend slowly otherwise I get tempted to take profits too quick like I’ve done all day today…hit a wall at 2.88, not sure if it can get to 3 today as these stocks usually get tons of sellers all in the .90s just before a major price like $3/share.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.48.33 AM

Then we have two losses to talk about. First is a $3,647 loss on RCON. He bought 20,400 shares of this stock at $4.15 and sold them at $3.97 the next day. Entry comments: Buying this earnings winner on the dip off its highs, it likes to spike in the morning as we saw today, it moves fast so my goal is to sell into a similar spike tomorrow ideally in the mid to high 4s…not surprising it consolidated all day long due to down overall market and digesting bagholders in at higher prices…not much downside here, should have support at 3.90-4ish, I’d LOVE to sell in the 4.50s. Exit comments: No morning gap up or spike right near the open like yesterday means I gotta cut losses quickly, never fun or easy…but trade like a sniper, be methodical, move onto the next potential runner…these are the rules by which I trade and following these rules makes me wealthy, break the rules and sure sometimes you’ll get lucky but getting lucky is very different from winning 75% of the time and growing your account exponentially quickly like my top students have.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.47.51 AM

Then we have a $1,979 loss on ATEN. Tim bought 4,645 shares of this stock at $12.46 and sold it that same day at $12.32. Entry comments: Stock breaking to new highs on rumors of Seeking alpha article, similar chart to WATT so be careful if article hits and does nothing, should rise in anticipation though, beaten down hot technology stock, no real resistance for 75-90 cents/share, low volume play though so don’t chase it if it spikes too fast as other traders realize the potential. Exit comments: Unlucky, bad news JUST came out in SEC filing, explains selling, gotta cut losses will explain later…traders sharing this news: ATEN 10q discloses a received letter alleging CEO Chen at a previous company breached his fiduciary duty, misappropriated intellectual property, and diverted employees and investors from that entity to ATEN.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.48.04 AM

Next up we have Supertrades. He holds his positions for a lot longer, and he cashed in on a few this week for some “super” profits! First we have a $2,901 profit on WATT. He bought 15,000 shares of this stock at $11.77 back in April and sold it at $11.97 on the 14th. Entry comments: CHART – IPO that i made 50k on….tech for wireless charging….filled gap in 10’s and now above 4ema which is my personal stop loss…12.50 plus would be personal target. Exit comments: Did not respond to news today….may still work will re0visit for entry but have to be conservative in this market – take profits when can and use stop losses.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.58.11 AM

Next we have a $7,165 profit on KONE. He bought 7,000 shares of this stock on the 13th at $3.55 and sold them the next day at $4.57. Entry comments: SWING – DO NOT CHASE LOW FLOAT – earnings soon and supposed to swing to profits this year…history of runs …personal stop loss 3 area and personal target 4-5 plus if works. Exit comments: super trade will revisit on dips.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.58.19 AM

His biggest profit of the week is next. He made $15,885 on RCON. He bought 45,000 shares on January 28th at $4.94 and sold them on the 15th of last week at $5.29. Entry comments: from watch list stop loss low 3’s target 4-6 on china shale. Exit comments: Taking off on this bounce on report….will look for re-entry as it settles down.
Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.58.27 AM

Then we have one loss to talk about. He made a trade that cost him $8,955 on DQ. He bought 3,300 shares on the 12th at $37.76 and sold them on the 14th at $35.05. Entry comments: TRADE/SWING earnings winner reported tonight….personal stop loss 37ish and target 40 plus if it works …history of moves….smaller position. Exit comments: Bad trade but totally screwed over as they released share sale 15 minutes after awesome earnings.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.58.01 AM

We also have some great trades from Nathan at InvestorsLive!

First up is a $1,070 profit on FEYE. He bought 2,000 shares of this stock on the 12th at $27 and sold them later that day at $27.54.


Next we have a $1,435 profit on FB. Nathan shorted 4,000 shares of this stock at $60.03 and bought them back at $59.66.


Third we have a $3,183 profit on JCP. This was another short. He sold 10,000 shares at $9.26 and bought them back at $8.94.


Another big profit comes from UEC. Nathan made $3,013 on this stock when he shorted 25,950 shares at $1.53 and bought them back at $1.41


Lastly we have one loss to talk about. Nathan had a $3,888 loss on TSLA. He shorted 1,500 shares at $182.49 and bought them back at $185.08.


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