Weekly Roundup: May 5-May 9

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Time for another weekly roundup of guru trades on Profitly! Remember that we aren’t going to write about every single trade in this post, since that would be extremely boring. We are just covering the big, exciting trades that you all want to learn from.

First up we have a bunch of great trades from Tim!

Let’s start with a $3,036 profit on IDN. Tim bought 50,000 shares at $0.63 on the 9th and sold them the same day at $0.69. Here are his comments: Entry comments: Bought this former runner on a dip due to their releasing Fugitive Finder app http://tim.ly/1oxws7Z already got some press, I expect more over the weekend, earnings next week, expect them to hype it up, I wanna make 10-20-30% if this catches a bid, low risk given the rop from $1/share. Exit comments: Grrrr as I type this it just broke through .69 so I played it too safe…oh well, anyway I’m out, here’s my commentary: Got a nice spike off the news, but it can’t seem to break .69, May 2nd resistance, I thought it could at least get up to .75ish resistance, perhaps I’m playing it too safe, perhaps its just the overall market…speculative play though, I’ll rebuy on any big dip or breakout…gotta respect intraday double tops though.


Second we have a $3,857 profit on NLS. This was another one-day trade where he bought 20,000 shares at $9.92 and sold them at $10.11. Here are his comments: Entry comments: Earnings winner technical breakout, goal is low 10s. Exit comments: Got a nice spike to 10.30ish but couldn’t get executed, trade done live on my http://tim.ly/sykesmc webinar, probly more of a longterm buy given how real this company is, but it’s a PERFECT multi-year breakout so respect it as long as it holds the 9.90-10 breakout level…potential re-buy on any dip if it holds support.


Next we have a $5,100 profit on ARCI. Tim made this trade on the 6th, buying 20,000 shares at $3.45 and selling them at $3.71. Entry comments: Bought this earnings winner in the hopes it breaks above multi-month resistance at 3.60, already touched it once today but now I’m buying on the dip, 50-70%/year growth in their recycling subsidiary won’t go unnoticed forever & this is just a $20 million company so I think it could be a multi-day runner, limited downside compared to potential upside, goal is to make 15-30% in 1-2 days short-term, also bought some in my http://tim.ly/timlong longterm portfolio. Exit comments: Got a solid spike as several chatrooms/newsletters piggybacked the technical breakout at 3.60, this is why it’s SO crucial to see & know these key technical levels ahead of time, holding onto my longterm position, but this 10% spike is near best-case scenario short-term.


Lastly, we have one notable loss, $2,691 on WPRT. Tim bought 13,000 shares on the 2nd at $16.10 and held over the weekend before selling on Monday at $15.89. Entry comments: Bought this strong earnings winner, thats been uptrending all day 12 million shares short, methinks multi-day short squeeze, all I want is 50-75 cents/share next week, 15-25 cents/share of downside risk, I like my odds, c’mon analyst upgrade! Exit comments: No morning spike/gap up, might happen later, but I went in with specific thesis, didn’t play out so I play this safe and cut losses quickly…GREAT trade…I never mind small losses as long as I stick to the rules, I know that’s difficult for newbies to understand, but when the upside is 50-75 cents/share and downside is 10-20 cents/share, if the downside happens, all u can do is cut losses quickly…that makes it a good trade…letting losses potentially run would make it bad, understand?


Superman holds his trades for a longer period of time, so he doesn’t have as many to talk about. This week we only note a $1,100 loss on SKUL. Superman shorted 5,000 shares of this stock at $6.80 and bought them back at $7.02. Here are his comments: Entry comments: TRADE – Shorted on rumor/story AAPL going to buy beats by DRE …mental stop 7ish and target low 6’s or more. Exit comments: covered on phone in taxi for small loss.


Last but not least we have InvestorsLive. First up we have a $1,628 profit on PGFY. he shorted 17,500 shares of this stock on the 5th at $1.32 and bought the shares back at $1.22 that same day.


Then we have a $4,969 profit on SPWR. He shorted 5,450 shares at $33.76 and bought them back the same day at $32.85.


Third we have a $1,475 profit on TSLA. He shorted 800 shares at $184.47 and bought them back at $182.62.


This trade was covered in a video lesson for subscribers.

Then we have two losses that you should all learn from. First is a $21,297 loss on HDY. He shorted 36,832 shares at $2.89 and bought them back at $3.47.


Second we have a $11,331 loss on TWTR. He bought 5,024 shares of this stock at $36.26 and sold them at $34.01.


Check out his latest webinar for lessons on risk and losses for more learning materials.

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