New Feature Highlight: Introducing Karma!

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We recently introduced you to the Profitly “wall” feature, or “The tool that will revolutionize trading.” As we said then, we are always looking for ways to improve our users’ experience as well as keep the site relevant and useful as technology is always changing and giving us more and more ways to help our users learn to trade, so we aren’t stopping at just creating a wall for our site.

This post is all about another new feature, “Karma!” This is a great way of showing that you learned something from a trader or a piece of content, without leaving a comment. All you have to do is click the “Karma” button on a post and there you go! The trader will get a message when you send them Karma, so they can very well check out your page afterwards and return the favor if they want to.  Karma can also be used to show that you recommend a trader or content to others, so important knowledge and advice is easier and more likely to get noticed.

Karma is also used to see what the best content is out there. In the same Facebook analogy of “Likes,” adding Karma to content shows what people like more qualitatively than views. This comes from our leaderboards. For example, here is the Karama post leaderboard.

Post Karma

You can sort that leaderboard by all time, 1 year, year-to-date, 90 days and 30 days. That way, if you want to know what traders have been particularly interested in over the past 30 days rather than over the past year, you can easily sort that out.

Karma’d traders are the same way. People can see who is best to learn from and helps the community, more than just putting up big numbers. Someone may be a top trader, but if they don’t share it won’t help anyone. You can find the sortable, trader Karma leaderboard here.

Trader Karma

Below is an example of one of Tim’s posts that received a fair amount of Karma. Information like this is now so much easier to find, and we can’t wait for all of you to check it out and see the karma continue to climb.

Example Karma 

Remember that Profitly is your social hub for all things trading related, with more than 42,000 traders and growing, so there is no shortage of people to learn from and talk about the markets with. With the wall and karma features, it’s extremely easy to build your trading relationships.