Weekly Round Up: April 7-11

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Time for the second weekly roundup of guru trades on Profitly! Last week it was Superman that was the most profitable, but this week we have a new leader! It’s our very own Tim Sykes. Remember that we aren’t going to write about every single trade in this post, since that would be extremely boring. We are just covering the big, exciting trades that you all want to learn from.

Tim had a great week without any big losses but plenty of big profits. First up we have a $4,365 profit on MDBX (http://profit.ly/1MolQC). He shorted 4,000 shares on the 11th at $23.25 and exited his position that same day at $22.10. His comments were: Entry comments: Reshorted after the COO quit this morning, this tweet http://tim.ly/1kQCeiK meaning a new expose is coming likely next week; the stock took out 23.80 two-month support, goal is to make $1-3/share, same author who I shorted ICLD at 10.60 due to his expose before it dropped to the 6s. Exit comments: Got my $1/share goal, could drop more, but mid-day trades are scary, I only shorted because of that tweet that just came out about a new expose coming.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 8.41.17 AM

Second we have a $2,050 profit on GOGO (http://profit.ly/1MokNn). Tim bought 5,000 shares of the stock at $18.45 on the 9th and sold it at $18.86 later that day. His comments were: Entry comments: As I said in chat I might buy given the contract with Air Canada today, this is at the bottom of its recent range, if it starts spiking on this news, it can jump $1-2/share quickly, good risk/reward although by no means a gimme given the chart pattern. Exit comments: Got a nice breakout past the day high and it could keep going, but I’m taking my nearly 50 cents/share and going as I don’t trust this stock, now 19 as I type this so played it a bit too safe again, but more important to teach u to buy contract winners on intraday dips.

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Third we have a $4,340 profit on MY (http://profit.ly/1Mok9W). Tim bought 65, 265 shares at $2.97 on the 8th and sold them the next day at $3.03. His comments were: Entry comments: Bought this earnings winner on afternoon consolidation 15 cents/share off its 3.10ish higher, goal is to sell at those highs or ideally if it can break it tomorrow morning in a spike like it had today, next resistance at 3.10-3.15 is 3.30ish so that’s my ultimate goal, cheap play in hot alternative energy sector, not gonna be a huge winner, but only like 5-10 cents/share of risk if I’m wrong given the news; price action. Exit comments: Got a puny gap up/morning spike so I play it safe and get out, no0w 3.06 so I played it too safe, it might very well spike more but it might not, I want to teach you to be methodical with your trades, go into trades with a thesis, if it doesn’t play out, get out and cut losses quickly….yesterday’s big spike was RIGHT at the open so no go today I’m out…congrats to those who get it.

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Last but not least, we have a $2,897 profit on ITKG (http://profit.ly/1Mojsn). Tim bought 75,000 shares of the stock at $0.34 on the 7th and sold them the same day at $0.38 for a nice 10% gain. His comments were: Entry comments: Added a short-term position on top of my longterm position on news today with Hanwha expanding their upcoming revolutionary plastic, LQMT gets all the press/rumors but this company has the big contracts, goal is to sell in the .40s. Exit comments: Stock spiked a bit, but overall market is VERY weak and smallcaps especially like YOD, SMSI, EKSO are getting wrecked…not the time to be speculative, taking safe profits here, still holding longterm position though.

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Next up we have InvestorsLive. The first trade we’ll cover is a $3,052 profit on ISR (http://profit.ly/1Mok61). He shorted 40,000 shares of the stock on the 7th at $3.22 and bought them back later that day at $3.14.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 9.15.22 AM

Next up we have a $8,369 profit on PBR (http://profit.ly/1MokMj). He shorted 20,000 shares of the stock at $14.42 on the 8th and bought them back at $14 later that day.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 9.17.08 AM

Third we have a $4,230 profit on FB (http://profit.ly/1MolOr). Nathan shorted 4,000 shares of the popular social network on the 10th at $62.86 and bought them back that day at $61.80.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 9.18.58 AM

Then we have two losses. First is a $2,415 loss on BAS (http://profit.ly/1MokwC). He shorted 4000 shares at $26.70 on the 9th and bought them back on the same day at $27.29.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 9.20.43 AM

And his second loss was a $8,917 one on FB (http://profit.ly/1MokwA). He shorted 17000 shares on the 9th at $61.10 and bought them back at $61.62 that same day.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 9.22.26 AM

Last but not lease we come to Superman. He’s still averaging a $20,000 weekly profit over the past two weeks, so I’d say he’s doing pretty dang well. He had other stuff gong on this week and there just weren’t as many plays so he wasn’t trading as much. That’s smart since if you try to trade when you have too much going on in other parts of your life, you can easily step away from the computer and miss a key entry or exit point and lose money. Make sure you focus on your trades, especially if they are large positions. There is also a major lesson in this: some weeks there are tons of trading opportunities while others there are very few. Many people go into trading thinking that they will make roughly the same amount each week, and that is far from the case. For example: last week Superman made around $40,000, while this week he made about $1,000. I also remember a week around Thanksgiving where he made something like $100,000. You have to have patience in this business and let the opportunities show themselves rather than forcing trades.

Anyways, like I said he made about $1,000 this past week according to Profit.ly, and that came from this trade on VTNR (http://profit.ly/1Moiqy). He bought 10,000 shares at $7.32 on April 3 and sold them at $7.45 on Monday April 7. His comments were: Entry comments: TRADE – personal stop loss around 7 and i will sell if it goes against me ….personal target 7.75-8 plus if it keeps going…former watch list pick from 5’s. Exit comments: was underwater 6k and made small profit may very well still go higher as chart in play.

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