Washington’s Birthday Reading – Who Remembered the Card?

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This is what we like to call a “slow news day” given the holiday and markets being closed. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a few things that I’m reading this morning! After that, you should take the time to analyze your trades on Profitly and see whats been working best this year.

House of Cards Season 2 has a stellar weekend (CNBC) Even the President got in on this (Twitter)

Last week was the best of the year for stocks (WSJ)

One bank wants to make it easier for you to get a mortgage (WSJ) I can already smell the subprime cooking.

Yes, banks can do business with pot sellers (WSJ)

UAW loses in close vote (Yahoo) GOP rallying around this one.

Forget inflation, the G20 is worried about deflation (Bloomberg

Is the bear market in Gold over? (Bloomberg)

One big investors just doubled down on his bet that the markets are headed for a fall (MarketWatch)

Were warning signals going off at Target before the data breech? (WSJ)