Superman and his super alerts

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How the Man of Steel Made hundreds of thousands of dollars this past week:

So as many of you already know, Superman has been on FIRE. His trade alerts have been outstanding, and his students are quickly learning how to trade stocks the right way. So many people try to figure out how to do things like day trade without following the best stock traders and learning from them. That is a fools game. Sure, after several years and big losses you may figure it out, but life is short so why waste your time trying to learn how to trade professionally on your own when you have gurus like Superman to learn from?

Here are some of his biggest winners from just last Friday to this Friday, along with his comments on each:

First we have OCLS (Oculus Innovative Sciences, Inc.), where he banked $15,405. His entry comments were “FDA approval…mental loss 2.5….target 3.5-4 plus if works” and exit comments “SUPER trade like $16k!!”

Second we have a $7,275 profit on CAMT (Camtek Ltd.). His entry comments on this super trade were: “TRADE – ….chart rules apply for a long……” and exit comments “OUT TRADING SHARES FOR NOW may add back.”

Third we have a $8,413 profit on BOSC (B.O.S. Better Online Solutions) on Monday. His entry, “Trade on good numbers target 6-8 and mental loss 5.20 ish.” and exit comments “SUPER TRADE !!!!”

Fourth we have a massive $23k win on ZOOM (Zoom Technologies, Inc.). His entry comments were, “DONT CHASE – SWING – LOW FLOAT – merger with leading china mobile ad co….target 5-10 if it works and risk 2.5″ and exit “SUPER TRADE – will look for new entry or more info from company — i am shorts will bash all weekend and i do not see 8-k yet.. so taking profit for now.”

So you all thought $23k was a big day right, well, wait until you see number five. He banked $140k the day after Thanksgiving! No, you didn’t read that wrong, he banked more than $100,000 on ONE trade! His entry comments on this epic trade were, “Swing – downside 1.8 and target 4-10 …unkown 3d printer play…according to cc notes they have 3d printer for PCB market that is 700-800mm coming out next year….good balance sheet….profitable” and exit comments “ALl out – SUPER Trade !! Will revisit with more info.”

Remember, these are all verified on Profitly. That’s the beauty of that site and all of the gurus on it, you have to verify the trade. You can’t just say you made that much on a trade and hope people believe you. There is no way around it and you can’t fake profits like sooooo many people on other websites do. And if you want more proof that these guys are the real deal, head on over to Investimonials. One review for Superman just this month is called Low Float Rippers and says:

“Super is the king of alerting low-float stocks and making them rip $1.00 after his alert. He can make a stock move so fast it sets off a circuit breaker and gets halted. He has about 400 people in the chatroom and when he buys, they buy. I have made really good money on his alerts but you have to be careful not to chase them! He tells the chatroom repeatedly not to chase, but people do it anyway and get upset when they lose $. This is just part of the deal. Don’t chase. Wait for them to come back to you, if they don’t, wait for the next alert. He alerts a few trades almost every day. I would probably never take a really large position of his alerts just in case of a halt or a huge washout. Overall, Super has tight stops and profit targets of 10x his stop limit. I take smaller positions and have gotten as much as 74% profit from his trades.”

Another review from just the month before is called Solid Trader and Good Service and says:

“He does a lot of low float stocks and they move real fast. Recently, he played ARCW (Arc Wireless Solutions, Inc.) and that was and still is a great win. Mainly long, not much shorting, but it’s good stuff. Kind of expensive compared to similar services but worth it if you take the time to understand.”

He has a total of 14 reviews on Investimonials and only 2 of them are short of the full five-star review. In other words, more than 85% of people that have reviewed the service have given it a huge thumbs up and recommend it to others.