November Profitly Highlights

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Some of the gurus on Profitly have been making an absolute killing in the markets lately. Tim made a video detailing the $140,000+ profit that Superman had last week (click here), and Superman posted the verified trade on Profitly. His comments for his trade on CAMT (Camtek Ltd) were “(entry) Swing – downside 1.8 and target 4-10 …unkown 3d printer play…according to cc notes they have 3d printer for PCB market that is 700-800mm coming out next year….good balance sheet….profitable. (exit) All out – SUPER Trade !! Will revisit with more info.” He entered the trade on the 22nd at $3.04 and exited on the 29th at $4.58, more than a 50% gain with a total profit topping $140,000! Basically, he made a doctor’s annual salary in a week.

CAMT (Camtek Ltd) has 435 verified trades on Profitly, with 65% of them being profitable and average gains of $1,300. Total profits on this stock total $350,000.


This isn’t the only trade worth highlighting either. Another top guru on Profitly is Lx21. Both Superman and he were speakers at Tim’s annual pennystocking conference this year, and they continue to prove why they were asked to make presentations at the event.

Lx21 shorted OXBT (Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc) on November 6th at $9.96 and exited the trade the next day at $7.26 for a 27% gain. His profit on this position was a whopping $338,869. It would take most people a few years to earn that amount of money, and Lx21 did it in less than 48 hours. That’s pretty crazy. His comments were “I alerted the entry and exit real time in the Investors Underground chat room.” AKA, if you had already signed up for the Investor Underground newsletter, you would have known about him entering the trade in real time and could have earned a profit yourself.

There were 808 verified trades on Profitly in OXBT, with 61% of them being profitable and average gains of $1,200. Total profits were $470,000.


OXBT (Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc) and CAMT (Camtek Ltd) are currently the top two tickers in terms of user’s total profits on Profitly for the past 30 days, with FNMA, NURO and OXGN rounding out the top five. Profitly users wkulmann and Luke had the largest gains in FNMA this past month, while guru Lx21 had the largest profits in NURO and OXGN in that same time frame.

So on just two of their trades during the month of November (they both made far more than just these two, but they are two of the best ones that they have had so far this month, so I am highlighting them) they made nearly half a million dollars. Wow. Be sure to check out more of their trades on Profitly, they had a fantastic November, and I am sure it will be followed by an even better December, which is already off to a great start!

Superman alerted his subscribers to buy BOSC (B.O.S. Better Online Solutions) when it was in the low $5’s. It made an intraday move to more than $10, a 100% winner and it was only a Monday!

Keep in mind that in all of their trades, these top guru’s have executions plans before they take a position. For example, on his BOSC trade, Superman had entry comments of “Trade on good numbers target 6-8 and mental loss 5.20 ish.” The stock didn’t fall below $5.20, so he did not exit due to a mental stop loss, and he did get out at $7.50 which was right between the $6 and $8 numbers he had listed in his entry. Sure, he didn’t hold on all the way to the stock’s high of more than $10, but he still made more than a 20% gain and was in the stock during the majority of its run up. You’ll hear Tim talk about how he isn’t a perfect trader either, and that the important part is to take your profits before they turn in to losses. BOSC could easily open up below $5 tomorrow, and then anyone that sold in the $7 range with Superman will be glad that they didn’t hold on. They’ll also be glad they didn’t chase it and buy it at $9 only to hold on and see it fall below that level.

According to Profitly, there are 142 trades on BOSC, with 70% of them being profitable and an average gain of roughly $800. Total profits were around $70,000. Lx21 and Superman also traded this stock last year, where they netted $13,400 and $10,550 gains respectively. Noticing a trend in who always has the largest profits??