New Features

Jan 26, 2012   //   by Mike   //   Features  //  3 Comments

We’re constantly adding new features and I’d like to take a moment to highlight the most recent ones.

Users have been asking for more space to enter trade information and we’ve listened! Previously you were limited to 80 characters so that the entire post could fit on Twitter. Now we’ve upped it to 500 and it will automatically fit what it can.

We’ve also added the ability to sort trades based on a newsletter. You can look through your favorite newsletters and see who is doing the best (or worst) and find out other interesting information. Just another way to find out which ones are profitable.

Our premium content now has the ability to be categorized. This will allow our Gurus to organize their content a little better. Our subscribers will be able find relevant lessons much more quickly.

All of our videos on the site going forward are now fully iPad (iOS) compatible. Previously, some of the longer webinar videos weren’t but we’ve fixed that!