ProfiDing Intro Video, How-To Videos & Some FAQs

Jul 5, 2011   //   by Timothy Sykes   //   Features, ProfiDing  //  Comments Off on ProfiDing Intro Video, How-To Videos & Some FAQs

Happy 4th of July! This year is rather special given my revolution against stock market misinformation.

Back in May I teased the upcoming debut of ProfiDing and today that day has finally arrived for PennyStocking Silver, PRO & TIM Trading Challenge students with TIMalerts and other newsletters joining the platform in the coming weeks.

Watch the video intro and video demo below of how ProfiDing works and if you want in on this cool technology…which has manyyyyyy upcoming feature additions…signup and become a PennyStocking Silver subscriber (TIMalert subscribers, contact us here to upgrade) and apply for my Trading Challenge.

For far too long, traders have been at the mercy of shitty chatrooms and terribly unreliable and slow 3rd party messaging services to deliver real-time trading alerts. ProfiDing is the next step in the evolution of trading alerts as this downloadable app works on any computer (and soon iPhones and Blackberries too) and gives both gurus and subscribers the independence they rightfully deserve.

Some FAQs I’ll anticipate because if you ask us any questions right now, you’ll be on a waitlist for weeks given this launch of ProfiDing and us having to manually migrate all existing subscribers over:

1. Must I join Profitly to get ProfiDing?

Yup, ProfiDing is the real-time trading alert app of Profitly, it does not exist off of it…but if you don’t want to show your trades, Profitly has a feature now for private profiles

2. Does ProfiDing cost anything extra?

Nope! It’s included in newsletters that use this technology…currently, subscribers of my 4 newsletters but others are joining soon once we have this software refined for my subscribers

3. I have a technical problem downloading ProfiDing or one of the many other thousands of issues people have, will that affect my alerts?

Nope, while we test and refine ProfiDing over the next few weeks, I’m sure there will be tons of bugs and we’ll fix ’em all so I will be working double-time sending out alerts via our old methods too…I CANNOT wait until we’re ready to scrap the old since ProfiDing is just as much of a technical achievement for gurus as it is subscribers.

4. Blah blah blah any of the many other questions we get daily

Subscribers are high maintenance and because my business is expanding so quickly, very little is organized. Deal with it. My staff has expanded from 5 last year to over 20 people now, we’re getting more organized and efficient, but it’s a process. If you have a track record like mine in which you show every single trade you make allowing others to learn EXACTLY how to turn thousands into millions and you’re in an industry full of frauds, expect there to be great demand that can be overwhelming. Because of ProfiDing’s launch, we will only be dealing with urgent questions right now…and do me a favor, click the big ass TIM’S PREFERRED BROKERS button in the center of this website instead of making us link at least 30+ per day THIS blog post featuring all my recommended penny stock brokers

5. How do you signup to Profitly and ProfiDing?

Profitly’s co-founder Egyptian/former-slaveowner-turned-programming-slave Mike Mosseri made a how-to video to signup for everything…one note, the Download ProfiDing button is under the “My Settings” Tab, click “my settings”

And at long last, introducing ProfiDing:



We’ll soon have more how-to videos, but for now once you subscribe to PennyStocking Silver or join my Trading Challenge and have a Profitly account, you’ll get access to ProfiDing…this is what version 1.0 looks like…get excited as this is just the beginning MS DOS-style.